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Creative Kidz Stage School Scholarship Fund.


We Will be Offering  Stage School Scholarships to Children who have been Directly Affected by Covid-19, Who's Parents who have been Key Workers through this once we are back Open and able to run our Classes Safely with the Guidance of Public Health England and the Support of Southern Housing Group in which our school runs its Classes from in the Fulham Community Centre. 

We have always been known for our Creativity and Community Spirit and the Family feel but now more than ever we need to have something for these Children to look forward to. 

Once we are back open Our Fulham Based Stage School is for Children 4-14 Training in all Aspects of the Performing Arts and Creativity, Enhancing Confidence, Self Esteem and Social Skills.


Along with the School we also have the Community Garden where Children can help Plant and Grow Seeds of the Future and Hope.  

The First Part of this Process is setting up the Funds to make this Possible so we have Set up a Page here to do so, Heres your Chance to Pay it Forward for a Childs Future - 

More Details on how to Apply will be  May 30th. 

If you would like any more Info of this Project  or have Offers of Support please do Email us at

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