Our Agency

Creative Kidz & Adultz Agency is based in London and solely represents Children and Adults from all over the UK with varied Looks, Talents and Abilities.

Our Agency offers clients personal management so that we can nurture each and every client on a more personal level.

We are a unique Agency where All Clients are invited to  personally meet with us and are auditioned before they are offered a place with our agency.

All of our Clients  are given a wide range of entertainment platforms  in TV, Film, Stage, Commercials, Modelling, Music Videos, Voice-Overs, Corporate Video Advertising, Photographic and Catwalk work.

We also supply supporting artists and background extra’s for TV and Film and  Fitting Models for Designer and High Street Fashion Brands.

All Clients are entered into The Spotlight Directory the industry's 'casting bible'.  All members' CVs are displayed on the leading internet based casting website service 'Spotlight Interactive'. Entry for Spotlight is restricted to professional artists or those taking part in industry recognised training such as Creative Kidz & Adultz Agency.

The agency remains open throughout school holidays and is extremely busy throughout the year

We fully manage our clients, from sending them on auditions, confirming shoot details also  invoicing clients and paying our clients.

We currently have a high Volume of our Clients appearing In TV Series' , TV Commercial's ,Feature Film's and Lead and Ensemble roles in London's West End Shows.



Applying for the Agency 

Kidz Applications   4-16 Years

Parents should e-mail two recent photograph's of their child,date of birth, home address, phone number and e-mail address.

Along with a CV or any recent experience/training.


Young Performerz  Applications 16-25

Please e-mail Headshots, CV, date of birth, home address, phone number and e-mail address

We can only accept Adults over 21 who are in Professional Training or who have Professional Credits in TV, Film,Stage or Modelling.


Adultz over 25 Applications

Please Email Spotlight Link and Showreel 


The Agency cannot consider:

Children Under the age of 4 Years

Applicants who are wanting more than one Agency. We Offer Sole Representation Only

No Applicants over 25 who do not Qualify or have a Spotlight Profile.

Applicants from outside the Uk.

Applications over the Phone. 



All Applications must be Emailed to 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note:  The Agency does not reply to unsuccessful applications, The Agency will only make contact  to selected applicants with Audition date for Children or Interview for Adults.